HOW TO: Respect your talent (even without accolades)

HOW TO: Respect your talent (even without accolades)

WARNING: This is a sensitive topic with me. Be prepared for some bias ranting.

I could be bitter. I could pump hateorade on all ya’ll, but I won’t. I won’t because I need to be the bigger man in this whole ordeal I face on a daily basis. I need to take this thorn in my side and make the best out of it. The best out of this annoying thing in life called “the politics of things,” that once stated seems to make anything that is unfair instantly fair. Here’s how I do it.

1. Know yourself.

Take for example, oh I don’t know… me. I’ve been writing since I can pick up a pen. I wrote my first poem when I was 6. And it was terrible, but I thought it was the greatest thing ever. I wrote my first story when I was 7, AND did my own illustrations and guess what? It was terrible! But I still did it, and that’s the point. Of course I’ve evolved from when I was a child, but that doesn’t mean i’m not good. Don’t let anybody tell you (and don’t let yourself believe) that just because you’ve been doing it for a long time doesn’t mean you’re good. YES IT DOES. YES IT DOES MEAN THAT. I rest my case.

2. Know your audience.

If you’re writing a blog for your marketing teacher don’t write about how advertising and marketing is the bane of your existence. And don’t hyperlink Bill Hicks explaining why advertising and marketing is the devil. Just don’t. I don’t know this from experience… all I know is that you won’t get good marks, or make a decent connection with your teacher. But I don’t know that… Bottom line, don’t write in a voice you yourself can’t connect with. People are gonna tell you’re blowing smoke up their a**.

3. If you don’t win awards, it doesn’t mean they didn’t like your writing.

It just means someone was better than you. And don’t take it to heart. I’ve never won a writing award in my life, and I don’t let that get me down! I just say “they didn’t get it” and pretend that my poetry was too “deep” for them. When really it was just too vulgar and profane. I shouldn’t write about the sex I hear through my paper thin walls. People who write about the moonlight reflecting off the water in the nighttime will always win. ALWAYS. And it’s unfortunate, but there’s nothing you can do about it if you want to stay true to yourself.

4. Don’t write for others, write for yourself.

And write a lot. One day, someone important, who truly understands what’s in your heart will read it and tell you everything you’ve always wanted to hear… naturally. And if that day never comes… then you’re obviously born in the wrong time.

5. Don’t fall under the trap of musicians.

I made the mistake of using Bright Eyes as my template for the majority of my writing since I was young. A muse can be good until you get lost in their voice and can’t find your own anymore. Now I find myself writing about drugs I’ve never done and passing out in apartments I don’t have. Having a muse is good, just remember what you have inside of you; your heart. And it’ll always speak to you.

So if you never get your big break don’t fret, your mom will still be your #1 fan..


I Have Been Told

I’ve always been told that I had the “potential” to do something great. I was always teetering back and forth over the line drawn in the sand. On the side that I stood was caution, and on the other… was risk.

I could blame it on the anxiety, I could blame it on the depression, I could blame it on the pills I did and didn’t take.

I was experiencing a great sadness that comes with having a great sense of urgency. The tug you feel in your gut at the realization of that existential crisis inside your mind. As if your sense of self constantly pulses – one minute you’re here, one minute you’re gone. But you’re always standing in that same spot while your mind dizzies and dazzles you.

I’ve always been told I could do something great. I assume the disposition I give off is one of confidence and clarity. Oh, how I wish I could see what they see.

I have a soul that wanders, and I have a heart that is open, and that much I know.

It’s difficult to put it words how two sides can battle so much. How one thought cause totally contradict that other at the exact same time – but believing both is not hard.

I assume that I am not alone however – so nothing I say shall be a cry for help. And nothing I feel shall be enclosed inside my mind.

So I assume that the sense of urgency to find yourself is felt by many others. And that makes me feel ok. That makes me feel happy.

Because feeling sad isn’t what drives most to madness – it’s the indifference that consumes people; makes them want to leave this earth.

But if you feel sad, well.. you’re feeling something. So you know you can still feel.

And i’m happy that that is true.

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Real Beauty Sketches

Dove is a really wonderful company, don’t you think? They don’t give a shit about one type of beauty – because all women are beautiful. And it’s true.

It’s unfortunate how beauty is now merely defined as first impressions of a women merely based on if their face is symmetrical enough to be qualified as beautiful.

I mean, I could go on about how beauty is “skin deep,” but that’s a little too sentimental for my taste. Instead, let’s focus on this simply captivating and powerful campaign Dove recently came out with.

I myself am guilty of constantly critiquing and vocalizing everything that’s ‘ugly’ about myself on a daily basis. My famous line: “My teeth are so crooked,” and the famous response from my friends, “what are you talking about??”

You are your number 1 worst critic. And Dove really brought that into perspective with this Real Beauty Sketch Campaign.

Take the time to watch this video, and hopefully you’ll realize that the only person stopping you from feeling beautiful… is you.


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Spring Break Swatch

Reading week is finally here and I am NOT doing any reading… ok, maybe I am… maybe I have a lot of homework… teachers can be so cruel.

Try as I try I still can’t catch a break from school, but i’m gonna try my best to enjoy my little bit of freedom.

I hope all you Uni students had a good reading week, but it’s the College kids turn now.

So enjoy yourself, or at least try to.



Oh ya baby, tacos.

These are just sooo good as comfort food, and great for when you’re having a night on the town. If you’re staying in Kingston for reading week, hit up Tommy’s downtown for Taco Tuesday! Cheap tacos, and cheap drinks, yum yum.



Why not get a head start on summer while you have the time? Try these cool blue lemonades made with kool aid!


Do something AWESOME.

My city, and mainly College, has challenged us to do something awesome over our reading week. We were encouraged to take photos of what is awesome in our life, to tweet it and to inspire others. We could share family moments, acts of kindness we saw on the streets, cool things you never see happen, or captured moments of us volunteering or helping somebody.

For my reading week I will be working with ENACTUS, a student entrepreneurship group at my school preparing myself for the regional competition.

So I pass this on to you.

How can you be more awesome?


Sip on some blue lemonade and chill and pretend you’re on the way to the beach…



Since this week you have a few seconds to breath… why not think about your goals? Why not create a vision board.

What do you hope to achieve? What do you aspire to be?

Draw it, cut it, or photograph it and glue it.

Wake up every morning and remember what you were so passionate about the night before.

Never forget.

Learn how to make a vision board here. 

sign off

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Spring into fashion!


The 2nd best part of the year (after Shamrock Shake season)…


The look books, the swatches, the fabrics, the pastels, the sequins, the sexiness, the shazam… It’s finally here!

This spring, fashion will empower consumers like you and I to feel confident in self-expression, and will put the focus on energizing and revitalizing ourselves.

This spring you will see exaggerated volume, bermuda shorts (really?), 60’s silhouette, and chevron. But you can look for yourself on The Fashion Spot website

When it comes to the colour palette, Spring 2013 is looking clean, crisp and beautiful.

african violet

And without further ado… the clothes.

  • This floor length chevron dress incorporates Linen, a colour most popular for Spring 2013.
    Dress: Agent 99

chevron dress

Chevron, Gold, Sequins, oh my! And look, they’re both popular spring colours! And can also be found at Agent 99.


This reverse cut-out dress is just scrumptious wouldn’t you say? Agent 99



Look pretty in pink with this tulip like dress from RW & CO.


These bathing suits are so precious, and I just also really like this photo. Found this one on Urban Outfitters Facebook page.


Ok, now i’m just getting carried away by Urban’s photography. But I am loving this bright vintage ensemble.

pink shoe

Shoes. Pink high heel shoes. J’adore! (Agent 99)

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New Do, New ‘Tude – Plus Some Other Stuff

I haven’t posted a blog in quite sometime, mainly because of my hectic school/social life.

But in the midst of all the craziness, I embarked on quite a change.

I chopped all my hair off.

I had hair that could be used as nipple warmers, it was that long. But because i’m impulsive and crave change, I cut it off to my longest layer. Now it’s one length of solid groundhog-brown mom hair.

I know i’m gonna regret this.

Aside from this, I have a few updates.

  • My phone is completely destroyed. I don’t want to talk about it. Just know that it’s destroyed.
  • I am busy as a bee preparing myself for the Regional ENACTUS competition coming up in March. This is where we all go to Toronto to present on behalf of my college about all the wonderful things ENACTUS does in the community. It’s pretty time consuming, but I love it.
  • I bought a bunch of new clothes, but am without a fancy camera to snapshot it all with. Those will be up soon.

Ciao for now, xo.

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Literally. I’m so unbelievably sick! Aches, pains, grogginess, runny nose, sneezing fits, you name it! And on Valentines Day of all days. A day where I should be trotting around in skimpy lingerie, getting drunk off champagne and listening to Marvin Gaye. But instead i’m shivering like a wet dog under the covers, getting snot all over myself, and force feeding myself cough syrup.

So romantic, I know.

So i’m gonna hold off on any important blog post I could be presenting you with, and instead allow you to oooh and aaah over cute pictures of cats and corny 9gag finds. 🙂

Happy V-Day my pretty dolls. 



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Hump Day Swatch


Two more days until the freakin’ weekend. Think we can make it guys and gals?

I sure hope so.

In the meanwhile feast your eyes on some hump day goodies.



Sexiest thing i’ve ever seen.

Nutella goodies are the best goodies.



If you own one of these, you’re amazing. If you don’t, I’d advise you to get going on purchasing one. No, snuggies don’t count.


little big planet

THIS GAME IS SO MUCH FUN. Nick and I play this whenever we have downtime. It’s so adorable and team oriented!


Because Wednesdays are a joke, and life is pretty much laughable, why not dance around your room to a stupid song?

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It’s That Time of Year Again…

K, so I didn’t watch the Grammys. I know, shame on me right?

But you all know the best part is the day after when every morning talk show gushes about the best and worst dressed stars – the side boob, the nip slip, the up skirts, the atrocities of any kind.

And to be honest, I thought a a lot of them were super gorgeous.

The thing about the Grammys (and my opinion about fashion in Hollywood) is that it’s SUPPOSE to break the boundaries. The ones that are bad should be the dresses that look like my grade 8 grad dress. If you’re bringing anything to the table, then don’t bother.

These ones did make me laugh though:


Adele.. What are you hiding under that??


This dress resembles a bruised banana. If i’m not being too subtle.


This isn’t necessarily bad, but Kelly’s smoking hot… she could have done a lot better.


Hahahahahahahaha… that is all.

But some celebs just blew me away…


Oh Riri, you are my woman.


Totally thought this was Dakota Fanning… Gorgeous either way.


Jesus H. Christ… smoking.


No matter what, Flo has a special place in my heart.


Winning the battle with anxiety – but not the war.

Yes, I struggle with GAD and unstable moods. It’s very, very common – mental illnesses are almost like fads.

But in all seriousness, I do battle with it daily, and have been since I was a little girl.

It took me 20 years to discover why I would have panic attacks in grocery stores for no reason, or why I thought I was going to die on a five minute walk from my house to Tim Hortons, or why I thought it was completely possible that my friends were trying to kill me.

This paranoia was more than just worry – it was anxiety. Anxiety that was changing who I was, affecting my grades, affecting my relationships and isolating me to the point of utter insanity.

With anxiety comes paranoia, depression and isolation, and I was experiencing all three. It felt like I couldn’t claim my brain – someone was thinking for me, and thinking about all the wrong things. It took a lot of courage for me to stop listening to other people – telling me that i’m fine, i’m normal and that nothing is wrong because my problems weren’t as bad as theirs were.

When I finally stopped selling my self short, and took the problem into my own hands – I got better.

Unfortunately, it was with medication. However, I am going through cognitive therapy to mellow out.

This article, about treating anxiety as a gift really helped me as well.

tiny buddha

But I feel way more in control. I wouldn’t have been able to make this blog without the help that I have received. No longer am I pissing vinegar, or being angry for attention.

Everything is crisp, clean and controlled.